Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So far

Monday Morning I woke up to a bright light and a soft sound telling me to wake up. The Third floor thrifters and a couple others that we like to have in a our group decided we'd all meet for breakfast at 7 am. We gathered in the morning and ate together. Out of the three days that I've been here, my roommates and some of the others on my floor have created this family. A very weird family, but a safe family that we can all come back to. I kind of think that others might be a little jealous. Anywho, I went to Writing Workshop at 9am. I really loved the first day. The teacher seems super relatable and nice. I love the way the syllabus looks! :)

Foundations seems to be going well. We have a different teacher than what was on our schedule though... He seems like he's going to be really honest which is a good. :)

Talk to you guys laterrrrr!

Learn something about everything and everything about something.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Beginning

Less than 72 hours from now, I will be in Kansas City, Missouri. I will enter a whirlwind that consists of a blank canvas that I have to color on my own. The question is, what do I color it? With so many forks in the road that turn to sporks or U turns, having to choose between this or that, right or wrong, left or right, and up or down, it's both a terrifying yet awesome feeling. With every choice I make, a new object is created on this canvas that is my life. That choice defines me until I decide to accept it or deny it. This is a time in life that needs to be taken in with an open mind and a open heart. Am I ready? I guess we'll find out.